Contact management and news distribution

The “mexdress” press contact database

In order to perfect our dialog and relationship management, we have designed our own press contact database called “mexdress.” The investment in this development work was necessary in order to meet our need for seamless integration into our existing communication workflow.

The database currently encompasses over 2,000 journalists from the trade press, general media and business press, including their current contact details as well as information on the corresponding print and online publications, as well as other important information.

We constantly update “mexdress” with the latest information, which makes it an indispensible tool for performing the research required to create highly targeted distribution lists. It also forms a basis for creating feature lists.

 Screenshots of the “mexdress” press contact database

E-newsletter for the press

Trade journalists, as well as editors from the general and business media, subscribe to our e-newsletter for the press. That enables us to reach the relevant media target groups within seconds. The fact that MEXPERTS is trusted as the sender of the press e-newsletter helps the press releases to pass through spam filters and get noticed. The HTML and plain text formatting that is used ensures that the target group’s terminal devices and clients (Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) display the e-mail clearly and properly.

Ad-hoc news services

When word has to get out very quickly, we make special communication channels available. Press releases, invitations or other news items are distributed via an individualized HTML/TXT newsletter or a personalized fax, or they are disseminated using tickers operated by familiar worldwide news service providers, such as “Business Wire.” Our Clients – especially those from companies that are listed on the stock exchange – use our ad-hoc news service to provide information within minutes to relevant representatives of the general and business media, as well as to pertinent analysts via customized distribution lists.

Online press portal

As one of our clients, you have your own dedicated section on our online press portal. There, your press releases – along with your press photographs, contact details and additional information – are available to all media representatives. The online press portal is very well established within the industry, and journalists frequently use it for research purposes or to seek new topics of interest.

In addition, Google News constantly scans to find the latest news, which boosts the range of the press releases that we publish. Besides reading what has been published on the online press portal and on Twitter, interested parties can, of course, subscribe to updates via our e-newsletter for the press, or via an RSS feed.

The content in your section of can also be completely integrated into your company’s website in full harmony with your Corporate Design (CD). Then, as soon as we post a new press release, the release can also be called up on your company’s website. In this way, we can offer you a newsroom of your own that is always up-to-date without any additional maintenance on your part. You can read more about this service here.

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