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Corporate websites

The requirements and expectations for a successful Internet presence have risen sharply due to the constant expansion of new technical possibilities and the influence of social media approaches. In today’s world, merely maintaining a purely informational website no longer represents sufficient use of this important channel as a platform for successfully presenting your company and as an efficient way to develop your business.

Today’s website visitors expect content to be presented in a creative way. They want to have interactive options for learning about your products and/or services. And they want to see content that is well organized and interlinked in combination with extensive options for interaction and for communicating with your company.


Event websites

You’re planning an event and want to employ multimedia capabilities to promote it on the Internet? We can implement – even on very short notice – appealing event or campaign websites in accordance with your Corporate Design to enable you to reach your target group quickly and effectively. This service is particularly attractive when you need to implement a website quickly, but your efforts to build the web page(s) in house would be hindered by slow decision-making structures and a long implementation pipeline. We give you the flexibility that you need to get your message out rapidly via the Internet!


Weblications (web applications)

Sometimes, our clients have such special requirements that we have to reach deeply into our bag of programming skills to fulfill them. This results in user-friendly, web-based applications that meet every demand. Examples here include the convenient “corpnews” e-newsletter and subscription administration tool, our own “netwatcher” online clipping tool, and websites for online surveys of customers or partners. Another example would be web-based, interactive point of information (POI) applications for events.

Are you looking for new ideas or do you already have an idea that you have not yet been able to implement? We look forward to each new challenge and would be happy to develop an appropriate web application for you!

Videos & Multimedia online presentations

As Internet bandwidths broaden, user expectations for content are rising: While informational copy and pictures were once enough, it now takes “moving pictures” to boost interest among users. Consequently, in the future, we might be hearing a slight modification of a familiar saying: “A video is worth a thousand pictures.”

We can offer you the materials that you need to keep your target groups interested, all from a single source. For example, we can create PowerPoint streams accompanied by video, which you can use to present your products, services or corporate profile with clear, concrete explanations. We can also create video streams to cover your events. To do this, we create recordings with professional equipment, edit the material and place it in an attractive framework using a format that is suitable for the Internet. You can see examples of this on our website, on our Vimeo or our YouTube channel.

 » Example: A press conference recording with integrated presentation screen

 » Showcases for other interviews and product videos


For our clients in the public relations area, we publish corporate press releases on our portal for journalists, In order to enable the media, but also your customers and partners, to hear your company’s news immediately, we offer you the opportunity to incorporate this content into your company website in the form of a newsroom: Your corporate newsroom is then automatically updated as soon as we change the material posted on Maintaining the content in this way requires no effort on your part, and the results are in complete harmony with your website design.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

The success of your website depends heavily on your positioning with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We help you optimize your website and its content so that your company appears high on the list of results for generic searches. We can also advise you on opportunities for online advertising using programs such as Google Ads. The success of our SEO is verifiable: Upon request, we generate website statistics that provide clear insight, plus a critical website analysis report.

By the way: The search results for our press portal – and with it the press releases from our clients – are always among the top hits on Google, because “Google News” carries us as a news source!

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