Traditional PR tools

Press releases

Press releases are the traditional tool for spreading news. With relevant copy and topical material, we formulate your press releases so that your product and brand messaging is accepted by the media representatives in their role as opinion leaders and then passed on to the target group that you want to reach.

We understand the technology used in your products. As a result, the copy we write is readily understandable for the business press and general press, and technically sound for the trade press. MEXPERTS also supports its clients in the selection (and in some cases creation) of attractive press photographs, because the availability of suitable images is a major factor in determining how much media coverage you will be able to gain.

Feature articles, interviews, guest editorials

On behalf of our clients, we proactively identify attractive publishing opportunities in the form of feature articles (covering topics such as case studies, customer/success stories and product features) as well as interviews, guest editorials, etc. Moreover, we either support or manage the complete process of writing the copy, from in-depth trade articles that provide technical details to industry-relevant positional statements from your company’s management. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we also help you select, and if necessary create, suitable illustrative material. We can even design and implement cover images.

Round tables, press tours, press conferences

We bring you together with the press, because direct, personal contact is sometimes the only efficient way to reach specific communication goals. MEXPERTS identifies the right interview partners for executives and handles all the organizational tasks, whether it is for interviews at a trade show, visits to an editorial office, local meetings with the press, round-table discussions, or international press tours or press conferences.


Graphics design

Besides the quality of the content and copywriting, the usefulness of the accompanying photographic material has a strong influence on the coverage rate for press releases. As every good cook knows, a truly good meal must also be a feast for the eyes. MEXPERTS has earned a solid reputation when it comes to creating press images for illustrating what is often complex content.

We try to associate every piece of copy with attractive pictures that grab the attention of journalists and potential readers and thus increase the release’s ability to convey meaning. Well-selected images or appropriately composed pictures convey and amplify your message. We also pep up feature articles with eye catchers or cover images, and for corporate and customer magazines, we attend to all the details regarding copy and image concepts.


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