What clients and journalists say about us

"Available all the time, fast and reliable: Exactly the flexibility and customer orientation that we need in our global business!"

Annette Schmid-Heizer
EPCOS AG, Corporate Center, Business & Internal Communications

"Any agency can send out press releases in the form of a serial e-mail. However, there are only a few agencies that have very good relationships with editors and journalists. Nevertheless, to be a very good agency in the high-tech sector, you need even more: experienced staff members that have a solid understanding of their clients’ products and technologies. That’s how you separate the information chaff from the grain in advance. Mexperts has that – and that’s good for us as editors."

Peter Wintermayr
Chief Editor of elektroniknet.de

"I’ve been working in the press department at Infineon for about nine years now, and throughout that time I have always been able to count on the professional support from Mexperts. The "Mexperts" are established experts in their field, and they are very well connected with the journalists who cover the European electronics industry. Even at short notice, the Mexperts reliably and quickly handle the work that has to be done."

Günter Gaugler
Infineon Technologies AG, Senior Director Media Relations

"Ever since MEXPERTS AG was founded in 1993 as PR&Elektronik, we have been working closely with Kurt Löffler and his skilled team. Few PR and advertising agencies in the world have as many experienced staff members with the right electronics know-how and PR skills for the B2B sector as this full-service agency from Munich. Whether it’s their constant media relations efforts, creative design work, or well-developed websites, I can heartily recommend MEXPERTS AG to any electronics company."

Johann Wiesböck
Publisher and Chief Editor, ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS

"Tips from journalists in the electronics industry first called our attention to Mexperts. In the meantime, we have grown to appreciate their service and the uncomplicated, pragmatic collaboration with the Mexperts during a period covering more than five years now. The agency provides top support for our European PR tasks. The combination of their technical expertise with their access to all editorial levels of the publications that are relevant for us and their professional style of working is unique in Europe!"

Carsten Elgert
Mentor Graphics, European Marketing Director

"Reliability, flexibility and service should be “a given” for PR agencies. These are exactly the attributes that Mexperts demonstrates! In the area of media relations, in the electronics industry, and in the area of new media, Mexperts is an outstanding partner to support and supplement media relations for a high-tech company! Compared to the “big names” they might be small, but they do high-quality work!"

Ralph Heinrich
Qimonda AG, Public Relations

"Mexperts are seen by technology writers as a friendly, knowledgeable group of people who do an excellent job for their clients."

David Manners
Editor, Electronics Weekly

"In the six years of experience that I have gained with Mexperts (now in the second company), I can say without hesitation: 'I would do it all over again.' The open, personal, authentic and yet equally professional support is a tremendous help to me. Mexperts thinks proactively and has an excellent network within the industry. Not least, the people from Mexperts are fun to work with."

Andreas Geh
IPETRONIK GmbH+Co.KG, Director Sales & Marketing

"The Mexperts work quickly, flexibly and reliably. Furthermore, they know their stuff and understand both the media landscape and the technology. Together, those are exactly the qualities that make life easer for the editor of a trade publication. I value their collaboration highly, and that has been the case for over ten years now."

Dr. Matthias Laasch
Chief Editor, Elektronik Informationen

"The Mexperts agency is an outstanding example of professional competence and strong service orientation. Thanks to their comprehensive range of services covering all areas of PR, we always know that we are in good hands – whether translating complicated technical articles, creating cover pages, graphics and even large-format illustrations, or organizing and handling press events and supporting the design of web pages. In these and many other services the agency is always professional, fast and absolutely reliable. Mexperts have been an excellent partner in our international agency network for many years now and we always enjoy working with them."

Solveig Lösch
National Semiconductor, PR and Marcom Manager, Europe

"Working together with Mexperts is very efficient for us as editors, because they combine technical understanding with editorial expertise. The long-standing staff members at Mexperts not only know their clients’ technologies and products, they also know – based on their own personal experience – what information we need and what form and format we need to have it in."

Heinz Arnold
Chief Editor, Markt&Technik

"The skill of the staff, the know how acquired in many, many years of effective work in the difficult and selective sector of high technology combined with very good human relations have made MEXPERTS one of the leading European PR agencies."

Filippo Fossati
Editor in chief Elettronica Oggi and Embedded Magazine

"MEXPERTS has been supporting Altera with press relations for over ten years now. The success of this long-term collaboration alone speaks for itself in our dynamic industry. We particularly appreciate their technical and communication skills, the timely implementation of our PR campaigns, the continuity of the work with our contact within the agency, and the intensive contact with journalists. This high-tech agency from Munich has also been coordinating our Europe-wide PR network successfully for the past several years."

Udo Renz
Managing Director, Altera GmbH

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