MEXPERTS is a PR and multimedia agency with headquarters in Munich, Germany. Our clients primarily come from high-tech sectors such as the electronics, information technology, communication technology, mechanical engineering and automation industries, but also from the biotechnology and solar technology industries. Expertise and trust are the pillars of our successful collaboration with these firms.

We combine technical know-how and industry knowledge with PR expertise, creativity and excellent media contacts. We work intensively to cultivate relationships with the editorial offices that cover the industries that we serve. This ensures a solid basis for communication and a correspondingly high rate of coverage. In this way, companies are able to secure a strong market presence with their technologies, services and products, and they can frequently gain a crucial competitive advantage.

In order to meet communication goals with budget-optimized initiatives, we utilize the complete spectrum of PR tools. These range from traditional media relations (with press releases, interviews, trade articles, testimonials, desk visits or press conferences) all the way to new media, such as video streaming or Twitter.

The search results for our press portal – and thus for our clients’ press releases – are always among the top hits on Google, because Google News carries us as a media source!

We offer a sound basis for reliable planning with scalable services at a cost that you can calculate in advance. Depending on your needs, we can simply serve as your interface to the media, or we can provide additional services that range all the way up to acting as a full-service agency that handles all your media and public relations work. Some of our clients have made MEXPERTS an integral part of their media relations departments; others have outsourced all their PR work to us.

"Any agency can send out press releases in the form of a serial e-mail. However, there are only a few agencies that have very good relationships with editors and journalists. Nevertheless, to be a very good agency in the high-tech sector, you need even more: experienced staff members that have a solid understanding of their clients’ products and technologies. That’s how you separate the information chaff from the grain in advance. Mexperts has that – and that’s good for us as editors."

Peter Wintermayr, Chief Editor of

Our motto at MEXPERTS is “we stay in the background.” All our activities focus on our clients and their goals. We do PR work for our clients, not for us.

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